Welcome to The Scribbled Notebook: a series of tips, stories, and adventures all relating to writing. Whether it’s how to write a cover letter to print a manuscript or it’s a debuting short story, The Scribbled Notebook covers all sorts of different facets of that multi-dimensional entity that surrounds us day to day.

My name is C. Belle and this notebook is an amalgamation of my own journey through writing, but ultimately, it’s not for me, but for you. Since I was very little, I always wanted to be a writer and to publish all sorts of books out into the world. I held to that dream throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and currently, I’m studying writing at the university level. As I’ve entered this new world of writing, however, I see just how scary book publishing is, and I see just how few of us writers actually get to touch that dream that we seek.

That’s where the Scribbled Notebook comes in: I don’t know if I will make it to publishing, but I know I want to helpĀ others make it there if I can’t make it there myself. This blog will be filled with the tricks I learn as I dive into the world of pedagogy, travel overseas, and attend various writers conferences as a part of my curriculum.

So pull out your pens, grab some tea or coffee, and grab your scribble-filled notebook to enjoy the journey with me! Together we can get our dreams into the pages they were always meant to inhabit.